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October 7, 2009
by barbsaka

Shinfujin Candied Ginger

GingerOne of the members of the Wednesday Shinfujin English class took a field trip to a ginger farm. While there, Michiko learned how to make candied ginger. So, in class today, members worked together to put the recipe into English. Here it is:

Candied Ginger

First, you wash and peel the ginger root. Then, you slice the root into 2 mm slices.

Put the sliced ginger into a pot. Cover it with water. Add 50 cc rice vinegar. Cover the pot and bring to a boil. Boil for 10 minutes. Boiling makes the ginger flavor more mild. So, if you like strong flavor, boil once. If you like mild flavor, repeat this step.

Drain the water from the ginger. Put the ginger back into a dry pot and add sugar. For 1 kilogram of ginger, add 700 grams of sugar (70% sugar). Cook the ginger over medium heat for 40 minutes (or until the ginger becomes soft and begins to turn golden color).

Pour some granulated sugar on the bottom of a plate. While the ginger is still hot, place individual pieces on top of the sugar. Cover the ginger pieces with more sugar. Let the ginger cool.

That’s it! Enjoy your candied ginger!

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