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The Castle Garden (a book review by Sachi)


In a lesson, Anneena wants to write a play like a fairy tale. She started a play. The title is “The Castle Garden.”

Long, long ago and far, far away was a castle. The castle had a large garden with smart grassy paths and neat flower beds. In the castle lived King Charley and Princess Tara. King Charley said to Tara, “It’s time you had a husband.” ┬áBut, Tara doesn’t want a partner.

The king arbitrarily sent a lot of invitations to dukes, princes, and kings. He did this because he wants to decide on Tara’s husband and besides, he wants to be a richer king. Princess Tara was cross. “This is a silly plan. The king’s plan is much too fast,” she said. From the invitations a lot of kings and young men came up to the castle with treasures and valuable things for her.

The castle’s parking lot was always full.

However, she never wanted anything like expensive carpets, hand crafted silks and gold and silver chests.

She ran into the garden. Gardener Carl, who was working there, listened to her story. He understood her anger. “I have always loved you but you could never love me. I’m a gardener. I have no chance,” said Carl sadly. “I love you, too,” said Tara. “We will tell my father at once.”

She said a nice speech to King Charley. “Look at these seeds, Father. They mean more to me than gold, silk, and carpets.”

“Wait and see” is the last message from Anneena.

I like this story. The young girl Tara is a smart princess. She has good eyes and a pure mind. We need those things now, too. I believe Tara and Carl will get married with the nation’s blessing.

Note: The Castle Garden is Stage 6 of Floppy’s Phonics, part of the Oxford Reading Tree, by Roderick Hunt and Alex Brychta (Oxford University Press).

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