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Gran’s New Blue Shoes (a book review by Shinobu)

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A Day in London

In this story, Gran needs a new pair of blue shoes for a very special occasion. For a very special occasion?

The special occasion is that Gran is going to meet the Queen. But, before meeting the Queen, the heel on her new blue shoe comes off. Can’t she meet the Queen?

Don’t worry! Who should help Gran but the Duke! She is very lucky. In the end, Gran can meet the Queen.

This story was very amusing to me. If Gran were a young lady, this story would seem just like Cinderella!

Note: Gran’s New Blue Shoes is part of the Floppy’s Phonics series, which is part of the Oxford Reading Tree, published by Oxford University Press.

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One Comment

  1. That smart! Shinobu.
    I want to wear a pair of blue shoes , too.
    And I want to see Gran.

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