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Seven Random Things About Me


Do you know what random means? If not, use the Ninja Words link in the left sidebar to look it up.

Here are seven random things about me.

1. I have lived in 19 places.

2. I grew up in a house that was 5 minutes from Disneyland.

3. For two weeks in junior high school, I wanted to be a flight attendant (instead of a teacher).

4. I can curl my tongue in half lengthwise.

5. I have snorkeled the reefs of 11 islands around the world (so far!).

6. I have almost always had dogs for pet, but I have also had a parakeet, a ferret, guinea pigs, hamsters, goats, and a horse.

7. I can repeat all of the 50 United States in alphabetical order (as long as I sing them).

Now, it’s your turn. Share seven random things about yourself. Remember to be safe online!  Don’t share  any specific information about yourself. You should never put information online that tells exactly where you live, what your full name is, what your phone number is, exactly where you will be, or information that would let anyone find you.

Author: barbsaka

I teach English as Foreign Language to children, teens, and adults in Japan. I'm also a teacherr trainer and materials writer.


  1. 1. I like math.
    2. I like to play sweeper in soccer.
    3. I have many friends in America and Japan.
    4. I think fishing is very exciting.
    5. I like DS. My favorite game is Pokemon.
    6. I like to read books.
    7. I love NATTO.
    8. I like TV. My favorite TV show is Pokemon.

  2. What interesting things about you, Satoshi! I would love to see you play at the sweeper position someday.

    What kind of books do you like to read?

  3. 1. I have a randoseru. My randoseru is made of cloth.
    2. I like a puppy. Because it’s cute!
    3. I like TV. Pretty Cure, Pokemon and Thunder 11.
    4. I like to sleep.
    5. I like to go to school because it’s fun!
    6. I like to do computer, because i becaus I can play game.
    7. I like to read a book .
    8. I liek to go to park. because the monkebau
    9. i lieke to go to makatous. because i can bae santng
    10.i liek to play apaano.

  4. Thank you, Ririko! What a great list! I only asked for 7 things, and you gave me 10!

    I want to see you on the monkey bars one day 🙂

    What kind of books do you like?

    See you tomorrow!

  5. 1. I don’t like pressure.

    2. I like dancing.

    3. I’m from İSTANBUL.

    4. I want to stop pressure.

    5. My favorite word is ” of yaaa”.

    6. Please, don’t doubt me.

    7. I have 38500 big earrings.

  6. Hi, Bilge!

    Thank you for leaving a comment.

    I don’t like pressure, either. I make mistakes when I feel pressure. How about you?

    What does “of yaaa” mean? I like the sound.

    38,500 big earrings….really! Wow! That’s amazing!

    I hope to hear from you again!

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